COVID-19 updates

On Septemner 3, 2020, the Government of Jordan announced that, Queen Alia International Airport will be reopened effectively from Sep. 8th, 2020. Including a list of 42 coutries and classifying into three categories which are red, yellow and green - depending on the scale of the COVID-19 outbreak as identified below.

Green countries’ include; Canada, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Tunisia. Passengers from the green countries with negative PCR tests will be enter the country without quarantine.

Yellow countriesinclude; Algeria, Austria, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands and UAE People who arrive from countries classified as yellow will be sent to institutional-quarantine for a period of seven days and then to home-quarantine for another seven days.

And the countries classified as
Red countries’ include; Bahrain, Belgium, France, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, UK, Ukraine, USA, Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Any Arrivals from classified as Red countries, will be sent to institutional-quarantine for a period of seven days and then to home-quarantine for another seven days with a tracking bracelet.

Passengers to Jordan are required to complete an electronic application on prior to travel and receive an acceptance QR code minimum 24 hoursbefore the flight.

In addition, passengers to Jordan must meet the following conditions to enter Jordan:

  1. Have a PCR test with a negative result for a maximum 72 hours before departure.
  2. Have valid health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment for the entire period of the intended visit 
  3. Complete and submit passenger health declaration forms which can be found on:
  4. Complete a required PCR test at the airport upon arrival to Jordan. A payment of 40JD is required online in advance. Please expect to wait 2 - 3 hours at the airport for results to process. If the result is positive, passengers will be turned away.
  5. Install application on your mobile device. The application helps to accelerate the detection of coronavirus cases in its early stages by informing the user if they had contact with an infected person, so the user can seek appropriate medical attention.