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Also known as “The City of Brotherly Love”, Amman is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. This capital city is a blend of both modern and traditional cultures and one doesn’t have to look far to experience the best of both worlds.

Royal Automobile Museum
The Royal Automobile Museum is a car lover's delight.  Around every corner lies an expensive car even more fabulous than the one before. The late King Hussein was an avid car enthusiast. In commemoration to the late King Hussein, his son, King Abdullah II, commemorated the museum in his father's honor. Many of the cars are placed in settings that recreate the era or the situation in which it was used.

The Citadel
Towering above downtown Amman, the ancient Citadel is a good place to begin a tour of the archaeological sites of the city. It is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon and excavations there have revealed numerous Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic remains.

Roman Amphitheater
An imposing monument set into the side of the mountain. Its 33 rows of seats can accommodate almost 6000 spectators. The theatre, which dates back to approximately the mid 2nd century AD, comes back to life with musical and dance performances held regularly under the moonlit summer skies.

Ahl Al Kahf (Cave of the 7 Sleepers)
Also known as Cave of the 7 Sleepers or Sleepers of the Cave, this story was described by Bishop Stephen of Ephesus around 448 AD. and also appears in the Qur’an. The “Seven Sleepers” were seven young soldiers who around 250 AD took refuge in the cave to protect themselves from performing pagan sacrifices. The cave was then sealed and they fell into a miraculous sleep. Sometime between 408-450 AD, the cave was reopened and the sleepers awoke. Later, upon their passing, they were richly enshrined. Today, the sealed tombs can be seen along with the remains to two mosques and a large Byzantine cemetery.

Rainbow Street
In 2006, the Rainbow Street area was transformed into a heritage attraction by the Greater Amman Municipality. Located in Jabal Amman, the cozy and diverse atmosphere offers modern enjoyable hangouts, wonderful views and an old town feel.

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
The gallery, one of the major art museums in the Middle East is a gem full of modern art representing the Middle East and Asia.

Abu Darwish Mosque
This distinctive black and white mosque built in 1961 and commissioned by the late King Hussein of Jordan and Mustafa Jakazi is at the top of Jebel Al-Ashrafiyeh. It is located on a plaza that has some seating areas to relax. You can see wonderful views across Amman from here. The main mosque area inside is only used for the Friday Juma prayer and other day's prayers are conduct in the area that was originally designed as the wudu washing area, so do not expect a visit inside, but the exterior is amazing.
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