Things to do in Jordan

Snorkeling / Diving

Aqaba, with its clean sandy beaches and transparent warm waters, is the mecca for divers in Jordan. Famed for its preserved coral reefs and unique sea life, this Red Sea port city was in ancient times the main port for shipments from the Red Sea to the Far East. The diving is spectacular and the reefs are unspoiled by mass tourism.  There are over 20 dive sites to choose from and fringe reefs make for great snorkeling since they start very close to shore.  For wrecks the Cedar Pride is the best in the area and great for advanced divers, who can swim under the wreck at 27 metres.  Sunk in 1983 and lying on its side, the ship is now covered in soft and hard coral and home to a few seahorses that come out to say hello. There are a couple of other wrecks but they are too deep for recreational diving but perfect for tech diving making this a great place to get your tech certification. 

Horse Trekking / Camel Safari

Saddle up your horse or camel and leave the man-made roads behind!  Horse trekking is one of the best ways to truly experience the most beautiful and remote areas of Jordan. While sitting astride your trusty steed, appreciate the natural beauty of Jordan from a totally different viewpoint.  There is something romantic and yet thrilling about heading off for a trek on horseback following the footsteps of ancient explorers.  Camel safaris are another unique way to explore Jordan's rippling, windswept desert while having the opportunity to witness the rustic rural desert life of the Bedouin. 

Dead Sea Experience

A holiday in Jordan would not be complete without experiencing the beauty and the novelty of floating in one of world's largest natural spas - the Dead Sea.  Its salinity, which is so dense, makes for an unforgettable "swim".  For thousands of years, people have flocked to this magical healing place to take advantage of the healing properties contained in the water and to slather themselves in the nutrient-rich sea mud.  

Jordanian Cooking

Jordanian cuisine, what’s not to love? Many people get hooked on simple falafel and hummous. They can eat it day after day for months and never tire of it. For others, it’s the rice dishes…mansaf with steaming yogurt sauce and toasted nuts.  Or the ma’louba; even if you’ve never appreciated cauliflower before, it is somehow transformed in this dish.  And the kenafa…what about the amazing kenafa?  So, what happens when you move back home? Certainly you will bring a kilo of za’atar with you – for each of your friends – and maybe some Turkish coffee.  But what do you do? Depending on where you’re from, MAYBE there’s a good Middle Eastern restaurant in your area, but you can’t eat there every day. Well, maybe you can. But the better solution would be to learn how to make all that delicious food for yourself.  Take part in a cooking class and learn the secrets of preparing traditional Jordanian food!  

Boating and Water Sports

From jet skiing to kayaking, banana boating to parasailing, Aqaba's consistently warm waters make water activity fun year round. Enjoy the cool breeze and salty air with your family and friends during a day cruise on the Red Sea or view some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world on a dazzling sunset cruise.

Traditional Turkish Bath

Traditional Turkish baths have been used for thousands of years as a way of unwinding the mind and invigorating the body. Choose from any number of luxury treatments or just spend time unwinding in the beautiful steam rooms and feel the stresses and strains of life just melt way.  With friends, loved ones or on your own - a visit to a Turkish bath house is a small slice of heaven!

Hot Air Ballooning

Break convention and get away from the crowd - see Wadi Rum from above!  Viewing the desert landscape, with its wavy sand dunes, towering cliffs and baffling rock formations is a spectacular, mind-blowing and magical experience.  

Get a Bedouin Dagg (Tattoo)

In the past, Bedouin women tattooed their faces for beautification. A modern form of Dagg can still be done using henna, which washes away in a few days. Artistic henna patterns can be drawn on hands, shoulders, and ankles.

Hiking / Trekking / Climbing

For serious climbing enthusiasts or want-to-be's, Jordan is the place.   Hiking and trekking are also brilliant ways to discover the Kingdom's  sites and to visit areas that most visitors never see.  From the desert landscape of Wadi Rum to the tropical oasis' in one of the many nature reserves, there are adventures to satisfy all levels of expertise.

Desert 4x4 Tour

If you are up for a bumpy, dusty and fun ride make sure not to miss a 4x4 desert jeep tour!