Monastery through the Back Way Trail

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1 Days 1 Nights
Category: Tours in Jordan
Type: Hiking - Trekking
Start in: Jordan-Petra
Finish in: Jordan-Petra

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Back Way Trail to the Monastery is an amazing route to discover the wild and blow your mind by the nature life between the rocks, you would explore the Nabataean history while this route and before reach the most incredible monastery building (Ad-Deir).

start point:

Little Petra - Petra (secret entrance)  Trekking:  5 - 6 hours to the Treasury in addition to 3 - 4 hours for sightseeing; 16KM; Altitude:  110m (360 ft) ascent, 100m (330 ft) descent, 100m (330ft) ascent

entering Petra in a way in which very few visitors have – through the secret entrance to the Monastery. 
Start the trek on a trail which initially winds across open farmland.  For the first two hours of the trek the path contours around the mountain ridge with fantastic views to Wadi Araba desert. 
Then the climb starts as the narrow route, open to sheer drop-offs, leads to perhaps Petra's most awe-inspiring monument, the Monastery.
We will then walk down the well-worn Nabataean steps into the heart of Petra, where we will visit Qasr al Ben, Colonnaded Street, the Theatre, Facades Street. 

Then to ‘Al Khaznah’ or ‘The Treasury’ as though you are entering for the first time. After enjoying the unparalleled beauty of Al Khaznah we then exit Petra.