About us

Why Jordan Inspiration Tours?

"Authenticity.This is reflected in our deep Arab, Muslim and Bedouin tradition of hospitality"

We, the founders of JIT, are Bedouin from the Petra region, from the tribe of Layathnah. Like all other Bedouin here, we were born in a bait sha'r - a goat-hair tent - in the mountains above Petra, and Petra was our playground as children. We grew up on horses and our family still breeds hardy mountain Arabians that can climb like goats and run like the wind.

We have been arranging tailor-made holidays throughout Jordan since 2002 and one of the first tour operators in Petra. We're proud to put our considerable experience at your disposal to help you design your ideal holiday experience.


Our Slogan

"Being inspired is what makes us different"

Inspiration is what makes JIT different. This isn't just rhetoric. We were inspired by the love of our country and culture to go into the tourism business. We are still inspired by the pleasure and Inspiration Jordan brings to people when they encounter our country in a rich, authentic way. We are still inspired by what happens when people interact as individuals, as selves. We are still inspired by the way people respond to personal care.


Our Mission

"We vow to make your encounter personal and authentic, and we do everything in our power to show you the Jordan you have come to see"

We do this by:

  • Listening and understanding your needs
  • Not "packaging" Jordan. We offer you almost endless flexibility. If something in our world captures your interest, we want you to pursue it
  • Helping you to follow our enthusiasm by giving you honest and accurate information
  • Showing you the real Jordan - real life, real culture, and real people
  • Being entirely focused on taking care of you throughout your trip

Our Goal

"Our ultimate goal is to forge connections between people in body, mind and soul"

If you seek adventure or a quiet rest, active fun or a peaceful retreat, the JIT team welcomes you warmly and sincerely to Jordan. We genuinely hope that you come back to Jordan again and again - with us or adventuring on your own!

Jordan Inspiration Tours Founders

"Our country is one of the safests countries in the world...this is our invitation to come and see Jordan"

Responsible Tourism 

Responsible tourism is an approach that tries to sustain the environment which attracted you to Jordan in the first place, and to make the interaction between the tourist and the local population as positive as possible. JIT is training our team, our Jordanian people and our guests to look after our natural and cultural world, to protect it and nurture it.

Here are some tangible ways JIT promotes Responsible Tourism:

  • JIT employs local people whenever possible - and by local, we mean people from the very village or region where you are staying - to sustain the local economy.

  • Wherever you go with JIT staff, we know the service providers personally, and we know the local population. If possible, we avoid using corporate providers. JIT is working to build locally appropriate tourism that helps local people and their families and working to build their understanding of these dynamics.

  • JIT promotes appropriate interaction with local residents, increasing awareness by increasing communication. We at JIT feel personal encounters between people bring our worlds closer together in thought, feeling and appreciation for one another. Your communication with local residents helps to break down media myths and stereotypes.

  • JIT is committed to responsible tourism. The best of Jordan is cradled in our fabulous natural landscapes and nurtured by our traditional culture, and we aim to protect both and at the same time offer value, authenticity and care for our people, environment -- and for you!