Dana to Petra: Hiking Ancient Pathways

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Experience the magic of Jordan on our Dana to Petra Expedition. Hike through ancient trails, immerse in Bedouin culture, and uncover the wonders of Petra – a journey of history, adventure, and breathtaking landscapes.

Tour details:

13 Days 12 Nights
Hiking - Trekking
Start in:
Finish in: Jordan-Amman

Technical Details

Meeting People


Accommodations on HB basis
English Speaking Driver
Entrance Fees to the sites mentioned in the program
Jordan Visa assistance
Lunches during the trekking days
Mobile Camping on FB basis
Private transportation throughout as to the people number
Professional cook during the trekking days
Trekking guide for the trekking days as per the itiner


Flight tickets
Personal travel insurance and expenses
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1Amman Airport - Madaba*

Upon your arrival at Amman Airport, our representative will greet you and facilitate the Jordan visa process. Subsequently, you will be introduced to our driver, proceeding to Madaba for an evening meal and an overnight stay at the 3-star hotel

2Madaba- Mt. Nebo - Dana

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, followed by a rendezvous with our driver. Embark on a cultural journey to the Church of St. George, where you'll marvel at the oldest preserved ancient mosaic map of the Holy Land, dating back to the 6th century BC. Continue your adventure to Mt. Nebo, retracing the footsteps of Moses and enjoying a breathtaking view of the Promised Land. The site, where Moses is believed to have passed away, features a memorial in his honor.

3Dana - Feynan

Begin your day with breakfast at the hotel, followed by an exhilarating trek from Dana Nature Reserve, a pristine wilderness area in Jordan, to Feynan Canyon. This captivating downhill journey takes you through the enchanting sandstone gorge of Wadi Dana, where you may encounter local Bedouins tending to their flocks along the way. A pleasant stop for lunch in a shaded area is included in the trek. As you near Feynan Canyon, indulge in refreshing Bedouin tea, and find your campsite already prepared for the night. Conclude the day with a delightful dinner and an overnight stay at the mobile camp, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Jordanian wilderness.

4Feynan - Barwas

Fuel up with breakfast at the camp, and as the morning unfolds, embark on a trek through the stony desert, offering breathtaking views of the towering mountain ranges to the east and the expansive Wadi Araba desert to the west. En route, take a break for a leisurely lunch amidst the stunning surroundings.

In the afternoon, continue your journey towards the foot of the mountains, immersing yourself in the desert landscape. Conclude the day with a satisfying dinner and settle in for the night at the mobile camp, surrounded by the tranquility of the desert wilderness.

5Barwas - Ras El Feid

Post-breakfast, we bid farewell to the stony "Hamada" desert, venturing onward for an exhilarating trek. Our path skirts the mountain's base, leading us to the trailhead of an ancient Bedouin migration route. Ascending steeply across rocks and small boulders through a challenging, twisty track, this segment takes approximately 3 hours. The effort is rewarded with awe-inspiring westward views of the captivating Wadi Araba desert from the high saddle at the summit.

Upon descent, we follow a small goat track to the river valley of Wadi Feid. Here, you'll have a well-deserved opportunity to refresh in the cool water, creating an ideal setting for a satisfying lunch. Continuing upstream, navigate through a lush garden of oleander, willow, tamarisk, and reed. Beyond, traverse a dry river bed surrounded by colorful sandstone outcrops until reaching our camping spot. Our dedicated crew awaits with Bedouin tea, and after a rejuvenating wash and rest, indulge in a traditional Bedouin-style evening meal. Conclude the day with dinner and an overnight stay at the mobile camp.

6Ras El Feid - Shkaret Msei'd

With an early start and a hearty breakfast, our trek unfolds as we retrace our path along the riverbed, gradually ascending the hills via ancient migration routes, revealing some of Jordan's most breathtaking scenery. This leg of the journey is challenging, involving scrambling to navigate larger obstacles. Relying on our Bedouin guide for optimal routes, we skirt the Sharah Mountains, where the trail becomes less defined.

Continuing along the Wadi floor, we gently ascend into a distinctive pale-colored sandstone hill, offering incredible views of surrounding landscapes, mountains, and canyons. After finding a shaded spot, we pause for a well-deserved lunch before resuming our trek. The journey includes a descent, followed by a gentle uphill climb, leading to a bare rock slab perfectly situated for another enchanting night in the wilderness. As we set up camp, immerse yourself in the peaceful haven of the mountain scenery. Conclude the day with dinner and an overnight stay at the mobile camp.

7Shkaret Msei'd - Little Petra

Start your day with an early rise and a satisfying breakfast as we embark on a trek featuring dramatic changes in scenery, transitioning from the deep Wadis to the expansive, captivating sandstone hills. After a lunch break, our journey continues towards the nature-crafted white dome of Beida, followed by a descent into Little Petra. Explore this fantastic site, offering a preview of the magnificence awaiting you in Petra tomorrow.

With a brief walk, our route leads to a uniquely situated campsite, surrounded by awe-inspiring sandstone mountains. Conclude the day with dinner and settle in for an overnight stay at the 7 Wonders Bedouin Camp.

8Little Petra - Petra (secret entrance)

Today, following breakfast at the camp, embark on a unique entry into Petra—through the secret entrance to the Monastery, a privilege granted to very few visitors. Begin the trek on a trail winding across open farmland, offering fantastic views of the Wadi Araba desert for the initial two hours. As the path contours around the mountain ridge, the climb commences, leading to Petra's awe-inspiring monument, the Monastery, with its narrow route open to sheer drop-offs.

Descend the well-worn Nabataean steps into the heart of Petra, exploring Facades Street, the Theatre, Colonnaded Street, and Qasr al Bent before enjoying lunch near the amphitheater. Then, approach 'Al Khaznah' or 'The Treasury' as if encountering it for the first time. After savoring the unparalleled beauty of Al Khaznah, exit Petra and head to the Seven Wonders campsite in Little Petra for a second night.

In the evening, experience 'Petra by night,' walking to Al Khaznah illuminated by the light of thousands of candles. Delight in traditional Bedouin music, singing, and stories under the starlit night skies, providing a magical conclusion to our trek. Conclude the day with dinner and an overnight stay at the 7 Wonders Bedouin Camp.

9Petra - Wadi Rum Petra to Wadi Rum

Embark on an early departure from Petra for a picturesque journey along the King's Highway to Wadi Rum. As you traverse the desert, marvel at the imposing rocks and crags that rise like "God's skyscraper," creating a landscape where the silence resonates through the canyons. The scene evokes the imagination of Lawrence of Arabia, as if he might appear around the next corner on his camel. Begin your Wadi Rum tour at the visitor's center, where you'll meet your Bedouin hosts.

Explore Lawrence's spring, the Al-Nfeshyiah inscriptions, Lawrence's House, and the Burdah Rock Bridge, where you'll rest and enjoy lunch. Afterward, climb to the top of the Burdah Arch for breathtaking views. While not difficult, this safe climb may require the use of hands in some places, and safety is ensured with the presence of a rope in more challenging areas. Conclude the day by driving to Rumshines camp to witness a true Wadi Rum sunset. Enjoy camping under the stars in Wadi Rum for the night.

10Trekking in Wadi Rum

Following breakfast, embark on a Jeep journey to Jebel Al Hash for an enchanting hike up this mountain, renowned as one of the most beautiful in Wadi Rum for scrambling. Reaching the summit at 1700 meters above sea level, you'll be treated to a panoramic view showcasing the diverse colors of Wadi Rum. Positioned in the Al Forah area, near the intersection of the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian borders, Jebel Al Hash offers a captivating ascent on the east side (Um Snenah) Valley, leading to the summit. The descent follows a different route down the northwest side of the mountain (by Wadi Nuqra).

After the hike, enjoy a well-deserved lunch before heading to Wadi Nuqra. Return to the camp for another captivating sunset and a memorable Bedouin night under the stars in Wadi Rum.

11Trekking in Wadi Rum – Dead Sea

After breakfast, embark on a Jeep excursion to Jebel Um Adami, situated on the border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The border intersection divides the mountain, but fortunate for us, the summit lies on the Jordanian side. Standing at an impressive 1800 meters above sea level, this summit is the highest point in Jordan. The ascent follows the northeast side, providing a breathtaking view of the vast Saudi Arabian desert on the distant horizon. On a clear day, the azure blue waters of the Red Sea, including Aqaba, can be seen.

The hike to the summit takes approximately 4 hours, and lunch will be enjoyed at this elevated point before returning to Rum Village. Bid farewell to the captivating beauty, colors, and scenery of Wadi Rum as you journey to the Dead Sea for some well-deserved pampering and relaxation. Overnight in the Dead Sea.

12Dead Sea, a day at leisure

After the invigorating trekking adventure, the Dead Sea awaits as the perfect place to revitalize your body. This world's largest natural spa stands as one of the most unique spots on Earth. The water and mud here have been celebrated for their healing properties since Biblical times. Immerse yourself in the strange sensation of effortlessly floating - the mystical waters, rich in salt and minerals, make sinking impossible. It's a truly unique experience for both body and soul.

Close by lies the Wadi Mujib Reserve, offering a short water adventure on the Siq Trail for the day (this trail is seasonal and it is subject of canyon clousre). This easy to moderate hike begins at the Visitor Center near the Mujib Bridge, leading you along a cantilevered walkway over the dam and through the course of the river between towering sandstone cliffs to the base of a large waterfall. Depending on seasonal rainfall, the gorge may feature pools deep enough for swimming. Take this leisurely walk, relishing the cool water and shade, especially in the summer heat. Conclude the day with an overnight stay in the Dead Sea.

13Dead Sea - Amman Airport**

Following your flight schedule, we'll arrange a transfer to Queen Alia Airport, wishing you a safe and pleasant journey. We hope you've enjoyed the diverse and enchanting experiences in our beautiful country and look forward to welcoming you back soon!


  • In order to make use of the first day, we recommend choosing a later morning/afternoon arrival flight, so you could explore some more of Jordan.

  • We recommend also scheduling your departure flight for late afternoon/early evening, so you can enjoy the Dead Sea more before the departure, and even is possible to explore more of Jordan...

  • It is always recommended to check the page of (Before you go) and other USEFUL LINKS below.


  • Official trekking tour guide service is available at extra cost, please contact us.
  • Extra sites/tours visit rather than those mentioned above are available with extra costs.


  • This tour will be guided by a Bedouin trekking guide


  • Day 3: Trekking:  7 - 8 hours of 18 kilometers

  • Day 4:Trekking: 4 -5 hours; 12KM; Altitude: mostly level

  • Day 5: (Trekking: 7 - 8 hours; 15KM; Altitude: (700m (2300 ft) ascent, 250m (820 ft) descent)

  • Day 6: Trekking 7 - 8 hours; 21KM; Altitude: 170m (560 ft) ascent, 150m (490 ft) descent, 300m (985 ft) ascent

  • Day 7: Trekking: 7 - 8 hours; 17KM; Altitude: 150m (500 ft) ascent, 250m (800 ft) descent

  • Day 8: Trekking: 5 - 6 hours to the Treasury in addition to 3 - 4 hours for sightseeing; 16KM; Altitude: 110m (360 ft) ascent, 100m (330 ft) descent, 100m (330ft) ascent

  • Day 9: Trekking: 3-4 hours

  • Day 10: Trekking: 5 - 6 hours

  • Day 11: Trekking 4 hours and jeep ride


  • Individuals (1 - 6) people will have a private site guide in Petra
  • We strongly advise you to schedule your departure flight to leave Jordan late afternoon/early evening; so you can use this day and enjoy the Dead Sea before departure.
  • Groups of 7 and more will be escorted by a border-to-border guide.

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