Footsteps from Dana to Petra's Rose City

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This tour invites you to explore Jordan's mesmerizing landscapes, beginning at the pristine Dana Nature Reserve. Traverse stony deserts and winding trails, where each step echoes with the rich history and natural beauty of the region.

Tour details:

4 Days 3 Nights
Group Tour
Hiking - Trekking
Start in:
Finish in: Jordan-Amman

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Accommodations on HB basis
Entrance Fees to the sites mentioned in the program
Local trekking guide during the hiking days
Local trekking guide for Petra back way tour
supported team to provide with food and equipment


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Personal travel insurance and expenses
Tips for the driver and guide

1Dana - Feynan

The journey commences from either Amman or Petra, serving as the meeting points for the entire group before proceeding to Dana Village. Our day begins with a trek from Dana Nature Reserve, renowned as one of Jordan's most charming conservation and wilderness regions, leading us to Feynan Canyon. This captivating descent follows the sandstone gorge of Wadi Dana, providing a scenic route. During the trek, it's common to come across Bedouin locals tending to their sheep and goats. The day concludes with dinner and an overnight stay at a mobile camp in Feynan.

2Wadi Feynan to Barwas

Commence the day with an early breakfast before embarking on a trek through the rocky desert, offering breathtaking vistas of the towering mountain ranges to the east and the expansive Wadi Araba desert to the west. As the day progresses, continue the journey towards the base of the mountains. Conclude the day with dinner and an overnight stay at the mobile camp in Feynan.

3Wadi Barwas to Ras El Feid

Following breakfast, we bid farewell to the stony "Hamada" desert and embark on our trek, skirting the base of the mountain. Our path leads us to the trailhead of an ancient Bedouin migration route, which involves a steep ascent over rocks and small boulders through a winding track ascending high into the mountain. This segment, lasting about 3 hours, can be challenging but rewards with panoramic views westwards of the captivating Wadi Araba desert.

Upon reaching the pinnacle of a high saddle, we are treated to some of the trek's most breathtaking scenery before descending along a narrow goat track to the river valley of Wadi Feid. Here, we take a well-deserved break, refreshing and cooling down in the cool waters—an ideal spot for lunch. Our journey continues as we walk upstream, navigating through a lush garden of oleander, willow, tamarisk, and reed. Beyond this, we traverse a dry riverbed surrounded by vibrant sandstone outcrops until we reach our camping site. Our crew awaits with Bedouin tea, and after a brief rest, we enjoy a Bedouin-style evening meal. Then take the pick- up car to Little Petra for Dinner and overnight camping.

4Little Petra - Petra back door trail; - Amman/Petra

With an early rise and breakfast, we start the trekking day to disover Petra city from its secret way via Little Petra and over the hills and mountains until we meet the Monastery after around 2 hours trekking with our Bedouin guide, have little rest over there... and then we walk the steps down to continue exploring the rest of the site until afternoon, back to the main gate where the return car journey to Amman or Petra awaits.

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  • Day 1: (Trekking: 7 - 8 hours; 18KM)

  • Day 2: (Duration: 4-5 hours; Distance: 12KM; Altitude: Mostly level)

  • Day 3:(Duration: 7-8 hours; Distance: 15KM; Altitude: 700m (2300 ft) ascent, 250m (820 ft) descent)

  • Day 4: Trekking 7 - 8 hours, about 17 KMs.

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