Little Petra outdoor cooking experience

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We will collect whereever you are in Petra/Wadi Musa around 4:00PM and then drive you to Little Petra, our outdoor grand kitchen, you will meet our staff in the reception area, who will greet you, serve you a welcome Bedouin coffee and then help you getting ready for the experience! After that you will be exploring the place, walking to see the setting; the dinning area which will be prepared, where we will enjoy having dinner after we finish the course... and then we make it to the cooking area, where we will start the lesson of how to cook a Jordanian meal. 

Our Chef will distribute your own Kitchen aprons and gloves and then have a quick introduction about the course of such an experience and what you will learn to cook and then of course, eat that evening; so you will tell if you are a good cook or not! 

Introduction will follow with ingredients, steps of cooking class. The location will be prepared with all what we need to complete that experience of such as; lights, tables, clean water, tools including: spoons, knives, bowels… etc. 

After that all, class is on. Live traditional music instrument will be played by a Bedouin guy to enrich the atmosphere with more sense of the place and the experience. Our chef will give tasks to each of class member to do, at some points all of participants will share doing the same thing…        


One of the best things that recognize Jordan and also a reason to visit, is the FOOD! This experience is  going to be a great opportunity for you. In addition to experience some of Jordanian food, you will also  experience and learn how to cook a Jordanian dish meal. Moreover, you will be doing all of that outdoor to  add a little touch of local Bedouin sytle, and of course, all of that will be with considering the best ways of hygiene!

 important information

Depending on the group number, we might have two groups with two chefs; so everybody can easily learn and enjoy the experience!

The duration of such an experience is about 4- 5 hrs, including transportation of two-way...

All prices are subject of change according to the fuel and the governmental tax increase